Nesting: Better Than Adderall

“I MUST WASH THE COBWEBS!” My 35-week pregnant brain screams at me from 6 am til 10 pm for the fourth day in a row. “SIT THE FUCK DOWN!” My newly-acquired gestational hypertension and gigantic fat kankles scream back. It is as if I was written a prescription of the widely loved legal amphetamine that is given to children and housewives alike, except I still get hungry and I sleep a bit. I don’t remember nesting with my first pregnancy, although that was 6 years ago and I don’t remember much from back then anyway. I also was a stay-at-home with an apartment that was so small it didn’t even have a dining room, so I didn’t have anything to clean or organize or room to rearrange. Now I have a decently sized brick ranch in a rural suburb – where the dogs can roll in horse shit and the leaves threaten to bury us alive, and have somehow accumulated enough shit to start my own craft store. So I have plenty to do to occupy my brain. My maternity leave had to be started two weeks earlier than originally planned, and yesterday they moved my C-Section date up two weeks due to gestational hypertension, which is basically high blood pressure that is only present during pregnancy and the cause is unknown.

So, my first project was the laundry room. Displaying IMG_0911.JPGwhich is a huge ass laundry room chock FULL of shit that I have been stuffing in there for about a year without a care – easy enough because I could just shut the door and say “fuck it”. But my brain wont let me say fuck it anymore – so it has gone from there, to the kitchen cabinets, to the weird cabinets that the builders of the home put in the living room, and where to next – I will figure out today!

Anyone else ever had or known someone that has had this crazy, laser-focused, adderall-like nesting shit before? Tell me!

Days til baby extraction & tube tying: 12

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