Look What I Made!

  Look y’all I made a thing! Her name is Lily Avelyn Froehlich 🙂 our five year old came home from school a few months ago and declared the baby’s name would be Lily- and we held out on the name until she was out and about. We don’t know who the Lily she got the name from was… I just hope it’s someone good and not some mean little shit. 
My husband got to be in the room, as he was with the first cesarean, and said he didn’t get bitched at for looking over the curtain like he did the first time. He also mentioned that they took an entire something out of me and sat it to the side while they burned and tied my remaining tube. Then they put it back in. He has literally seen more of me than I have! And still loves me- even if my uterus is big a floppy with a few holes in it now. 🐣 

Anyone else had a cesarean or repeat cesarean? Tell me all your got details!

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