This blog is to entertain all of my moms out there who don’t (and don’t want to) fit into the general populace of minivans, mascara, and bullshit, I am here for you! I don’t want to have to work a 9 to 5 to keep up with the Jones’s across the way…fuck the Jones’s actually.

Lets talk about things, try new things, and be free of the fear of failure or rejection. Let me quote my brother, “…an opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one.”

So let’s all try to Get It Together – together! Click through my various categories and find something that fits your fancy or tickles your pickle and comment on it or like it, just don’t be a dick.

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One day I might have another facebook, but I have been facebook (and drama)-free for over a year now…and I just simply can NOT.




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