An Alternative Perspective of a Waitress

We all know what a waitress is and does. But I have another perspective for you. I am a server at a popular restaurant in the busiest airport in the world, and I love my job. I encounter hundreds of people from all over the world every day – business men/women, families, soldiers, entertainers, racists, sexists, activists…the list is infinite. Working in this environment is a WHOLE different ballgame than working streetside, (like your local restaraunts in your hometowns and cities), in so many ways. If you think you have assessed which stereotypes are the desirable types to have at your table, I can tell you right now you are 99% wrong. I came into this job with expectations of what I was going to encounter – and every single one was just wrong wrong wrong. I worked at Cracker Barrel as my first serving job…I was there for training, and then for four days after that. It was HORRRRRRIBLE, but that is another post for another day. Starting this job was like baptism by fire in the way of learning customer service.

The people I encounter are in the AIRPORT. I hate flying, I hate the process, it is expensive, exhausting, stressful, confusing, and just really sucky. Especially when you deal with sucky ass employees. They hate their job, they hate being there, they hate you, they hate me, and they probably hate themselves. But what does that do for you? If I were flying, and went in somewhere looking for a little chill, a little comfort, or a little help, and the person was shitty to me…that would ruin my day! It just seems to me that we all forget that our attitudes have impacts on others. I think some forget, and some just plain don’t give a shit.

How have we collectively as a people lost our compassion for others? the amount of energy it takes to just smile at someone is minimal at best. No matter how shitty my day is, I always imagine that the difficult person I am dealing with is having a shittier day than I. I get to go back to my nice home with my wonderful husband (who is a server at the same restaurant) and continue on with my life. I can’t say the same for them…it is impossible for me to know what that person is going to. Maybe they are flying to Iraq, maybe they are going to their mother’s funeral, and maybe they are an escort flying to meet their client, (all of these I have encountered). My point is is that I DONT KNOW. And the best thing that I can do is be as kind and helpful as possible. Will they remember me? Probably not. And that is okay. But I go home with a clear conscience of knowing that I did what I could to at the very least, not make it any harder on them. I wish more people would consider this and practice this.

So I will end with this – dear other waitresses, airport employees, and customers: stop being so shitty to other people and just be nice….it is a LOT easier i promise!!!

The Ideal State of the Heart

  The red lotus flower is said to represent the ideal state of the heart. Which is what, Exactly? Is it love from another, or love from ourselves? For me it is a mix of both. My heart is well on its way to its ideal state and I hope yours is too 💕 
Prismacolor colored pencils, Prismacolor watercolour pencils, India ink. 

Once Upon a Disappointment

Complete and total shit
Complete and total shit

My husband watches this show. Out of interest or out of his constant determination to finish whatever he starts – I do not know. What I do know is that this show makes me cringe with it’s elementary public school lever writing and emotionless actors. Oh GOD what a great concept that went way the fuck longer than it should have. I am however super impressed with the costumes and imagery and a few of the casting choices. Ginnifer Goodwin does a great job of being Snow White, and I think Lana Parrilla makes a pretty convincing evil queen. Oh and Robert Carlyle is fantastic! BUT – the biggest problem with this show is Jennifer Morrison. She literally sucks the life out of the entire cast with her bland-ness. Its to the point that I have my headphones in instead of watching this show spiral further and further out of control.